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Dear Members of the NYFMC:

We’re back in business in New York State as of June 2011.  After a four year period of limbo where our dear member Sylvia Smith of Ithaca continued to hold us together as state treasurer, we are now back in action.  Sheri Neilsen of Palmyra was elected treasurer and while holding that position she has been serving as Gold Cup Festival Chair and chair of as many areas as time allows.  Sheri has put us into the 21st Century with record keeping in all areas of Federation work.


Here’s a few of our general accomplishments:

1. The State Board of Directors has been replenished and there are representatives from every Senior Organization.

2. Board business is being conducted as often as is needed via e-mail.  This allows every board member to be informed, have their say and cast their vote.  That is a huge improvement over sparsely attended “live” meetings.

3. Our endowments continue to support the Brian Israel Composition Award and annual scholarships for a Chautauqua student.

4. Our endowments are supporting new awards given by New York State’s two “social” music clubs.  These will enable a high school senior to receive some financial support as they become music majors in college.  Thank you Lois Tepfer and Betty Bock of Port Washington for this brilliant idea!

5. A composition masterclass by beloved Federation syllabus composer, Melody Bober for students of the three Rochester area Senior Organizations was supported by our endowments.

6.  Most importantly, our Gold Cup Festival program was salvaged from ruin and is now running smoother than ever thanks to the efforts of Sheri Neilsen.  This program is the focus of 80% of our membership who present students in the Gold Cup Festivals annually.

Heartfelt thanks to our loyal membership!

Welcome to new members who are looking to reap great benefits for their students or their own musical development and enjoyment.


My best to you in your musical endeavors,

Brian Preston, New York Federation of Music Clubs President